5 minutes with our SUPERSTAR – Susan Tyfield

Susan Tyfield. Waterloo Chiropractor

It is much harder to get your health back later in life than maintaining it.

Susan Tyfield

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1. Sue, you are 17 years into your career and you never seem to have a down day. The community in Waterloo are lucky to have you around. How do you maintain your outstanding clinical excellence as a chiro?

I make sure I’m keeping up to date with the most recent research and protocols for injury diagnosis, management and rehab. I’m constantly learning from my colleagues around me. Every time I have a treatment whether it be from the lovely Ben or Dan (Waterloo Chiro), one of our massage therapists, I watch and listen and try to learn something new. That way I can take it away and use to improve my own clinical skills. I’m pretty active and very prone to injuries myself (with this old body). So I always think about how I’d want to be treated too. I’ve learnt that listening is paramount and I try to provide my patients with the level of care I’d expect for myself.

2. Name one thing you love about being a chiropractor and one thing that annoys you?

I love that every person that walks through the door, whether I’ve seen them before or it is their first time, is a new experience with a new opportunity to challenge my clinical skills and help someone in a very meaningful, tangible way. When something goes wrong with that patient in the future, they think of me first. Why? Because they know they can trust me.

The bad press and lack of real knowledge around chiropractic makes a lot of people sceptical of us. The fact remain, potential patients miss out on excellent care which could, in some cases, massively change their life.

3. Give one health message to your younger self…. what would it be?

Start a proper measurable training programme when you’re younger and be disciplined in maintaining it. It is much harder to get your health back later in life than maintaining it.

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