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chiropractor helping client with Neck pain

Are you looking for an article to read to assist you in your question… Do I need a physio or chiropractor for my back pain ? Your Waterloo Chiropractors suggest that you see the profession that plays to its strengths.

If the problem is:

  • postural in nature
  • spine related
  • if there is pain on movement
  • symptoms radiating or referring out of the spine

Then Chiropractors are a great place to start. We are a trusted provider in the Waterloo and Zetland community.

“Association Between the Type of First Healthcare Provider and the Duration of Financial Compensation for Occupational Back Pain.

Blanchette MA, et al. J Occup Rehabil. 2016.

Conclusion : The type of healthcare provider first visited for back pain is a determinant of the duration of financial compensation during the first 5 months. Chiropractic patients experience the shortest duration of compensation and physiotherapy patients experience the longest. These differences raise concerns regarding the use of physiotherapists as gatekeepers for the worker’s compensation system. Further investigation is required to understand the between-provider differences.”


Your Waterloo Chiropractor has been a trusted service provider for 6 + years in the Waterloo and Zetland Community. We are located on Lachlan Street, Waterloo and also offer Sports Massage, Small Group Pilates and Dietitian and Nutritionist Consultations.



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