Chiropractic, is it a miracle?

A note from Susan Tyfield (your Waterloo and Zetland Chiropractor).

Anyone who has ever set off the chiropractic algorithm on their phone will know the plethora of chiropractic Tiktoks and Insta reels out there on social media platforms. This has been both a blessing and a curse for the Chiropractic profession in my humble opinion. It has meant more visibility for our incredible profession that can help so many people but it has also set some expectations to an unrealistic level.

Read this article for an in depth take on how the Chiropractic profession is adopting evidence based treatment for conditions effecting the spine, posture, headaches and lower back pain.

As a result of the flurry of chiropractic becoming a form of entertainment on social media, we are seeing more patients expecting a chronic 20 year condition to magically disappear with less than a handful of adjustments. Or expecting an acutely inflamed injury like a disc herniation to resolve with a single crack. It is just not how results from manual therapy or conservative approaches to musculoskeletal conditions work.

Yes occasionally we get a lucky case who walks out feeling like a million bucks after one treatment. Although realistically this result can’t last forever unless you wrap yourself in bubble wrap. Lets face it, that is not what life is about.

The reality is that chiropractic, which is a wide umbrella of manipulation (the crack) and soft tissue therapies such as massage, IASTM, dry needling, home care advice and more, is not a quick fix. The human body is self regulating, self healing and it needs time to change and remember the new information you are giving it. Treatment interventions act as a catalyst to the healing process.

So a treatment plan, whether that is 3 to 4 treatments (to get you out of pain) or 5 to 10 treatments with follow ups (to treat long term postural problems). It takes a diagnosis and commitment from both the practitioner and the patient to obtain the best outcome.

Summary and final points to remember:

In this world of quick fixes and unrealistic expectations driven by the internet we can thrive from exposure but many patients are setting themselves up to lose out. Consider this, what could be better than the hype of an adjustment? Giving the healing process a chance!

Your deserves the therapeutic interventions that assist in healing and strengthening. Please understand it is a process and we will help you through the process as fast as we can!

Written by Sue Tyfield (Chiropractor)

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