Covid-19 clinic response, commitment to safety

Waterloo Chiropractic, Waterloo Sports Massage and Brighton Le Sands Chiropractic response to Covid-19 Pandemic


All patients will receive a reminder text asking them to consider if it is appropriate and safe for them and others, to enter the clinic.

Patients will be asked to consent to treatment within the safety guidelines set out by Covid-19

Practitioners will reserve the right to refuse a patient treatment due to the Pandemic.

Social Distancing:

1 practitioner and 1 patient in a room at once – (only exception is for minor having guardian present in which case the treatment room will have the door left open or we will use the Massage Clinic)

Maximum of 2 waiting patients in the waiting/reception area at once. (Removed one waiting room chair). You may be asked to wait outside

Practitioners are treating in longer appointments to reduce patient traffic in waiting room and to allow for thorough soap and alcohol based cleaning of rooms before and after each patient 

You may be asked to wait for your appt outside or if you are happy to do so, you are welcome to wait outside

1.5 m distance from reception desk applies 

Preference for credit payments


We Request all patients arrive for their treatment recently showered 

Practitioners and patients asked to strictly abide by hand washing guidelines when in the clinic

Practitioners will not greet with handshake 

Communal areas – cleaned regularly by staff

Cancellation of treatment 

All practitioners and reception staff have been informed they are welcome to self isolate and take time off as needed. This could result in cancellation of your appointment at any time or reschedule to available practitioner 

Additional Safety Measures:

All patients will be asked to consent to thermometer testing upon arriving for appointment 

All patients asked to consent to self isolation or immunocompromised isolation guidelines as issued by Federal, State governements and peak health bodies.

Removal of 45 min, 60 Min and 90 Min massage  

Cleanliness and Hygiene 

 1.    before each patient is treated, the practitioner to clean with soap and alcohol wipe on all areas including face paper towel roll on chiro tables. 

 2.    practitioners must exercise impeccable hand hygiene – wash hands and utilise alcohol hand disinfectant regularly. Abiding by national guidelines 

3. Practitioners instructed to restrain from touching themselves above the shoulder area and being hyper vigilant with touching the face.

4.    No shaking of hands

5.   Fresh dry cleaned towel used for each patient 

Clinical separation initiative 

1.    Practitioners and receptionists will limit all contact and abide by 1.5 m rule.

2. Outside of clinical practice, we will practice social distancing measures including (exercising alone, avoid all social gatherings, and practice impeccable hygiene).

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