Exercise and Mobility – which Exercise is best for low back pain?

It has always been clear that exercise and mobility are intrinsically linked. When we consider the negative impact that certain exercises have on our posture. There is no time like the present to start thinking about how we can exercise in a way that improves our spinal health. No one wants low back pain!

Spinal Health - Exercise and Mobility

The Psyche…

People think about exercise in different ways. Some believe it to be all about how far you can run in the shortest amount of time. Others think it is about how much weight you can lift with certain body parts and in different styles. The fact is that spinal health is often dictated by slower, more considered, strengthening exercises which require practise, time and technique. So get your head around it!

So, what to do?

  1. Bridge

The bridge is the bane of many a gym goer, and an exercise that evokes some truly painful memories of gym class. However, the exercise is perfect for strengthening the muscles around your spine! Your back, buttocks and hamstrings all take part in the workout which means that your hips can begin to realign themselves with your shoulders!

  • The knee to chest stretch

This is a self-explanatory exercise that can really help to traction your joint and stretch the muscles in your lower back. The stretch is a favourite for those looking to alleviate lower back pain, as the stretch works to elongate and strengthen the critical but often underused muscles at the base of the spine.

  • Clam shell

By holding the shape of a clam shell with your lower extremity, heel bones are the pivot point, in side lying! Make sure engage your abdominal muscles and your core. It is truly remarkable how often people neglect the fact that strong glute and core help to stabilise your spine and keep your body in the right position. Lack of stability in the spine is one of the major causes of lower back pain!

Other beauties!

  • The high plank

Another popular (or unpopular depending on who you ask) choice is the high plank. Engaging your body in the plank position is one of the most highly recommended exercises for strengthening your spine and improving your overall posture. The plank position straightens out the spine and elongates the neck, working to relieve tension and align muscles in the back.

  • Isometric Rows

Finally, it is important to also focus on the upper body and in particular the shoulders. The isometric row is a perfect exercise to utilise when you have been sat in one place for too long (office job cough, cough). Isometric rows realign your shoulders, strengthen your extensors and your upper back. This helps to promote a healthy posture and strong spine. The exercise also helps to strengthen each of the aforementioned without having to touch a single weight!

Remember too…

The chance your low back and spine gets to rest should be a good one, and you should ensure that your choice of pillow and mattress support it properly too. We can help you here too!

Waterloo Chiropractic offers a range of services that aim to empower you to live a healthy lifestyle free of back or neck pain. We strive to find the problem, correct it and equip you with the tools to help yourself from preventing it from returning.

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