Exercise Choices: Dance, Pilates and Swimming

At Waterloo Chiropractic, we advocate for strength and conditioning training within your schedule. Your health is important.


Are you looking for a new challenge away from your strength and conditioning training that will enhance your spinal health ? Here are 3 options to consider, resourced by your Waterloo Chiropractors, for you.

Swimming has enormous benefits to your strength and conditioning for your spine


Dance Move Therapy 


Check out this podcast highlighting the benefits of dance for mental, physical and social health ! Yes, you can combine all 3 at once with Dance !


Swimming Training


Swimming is a non impact, resistance training that builds your cardiovascular and spinal health. Endurance training of this nature is safe when applied to adults in a progressive manner over time. Check out this resource for more info.




Pilates improves balance, strength and condition of the lumbosacral spine and can reduce the risk of falls in older adults. Here is a link to the science behind this strength and conditioning method. Your  spine will feel great !


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