Get to know Sue Tyfield (Waterloo Chiropractor) – Part 1

(After almost 5 years in the clinic) It’s time to learn a little more about Susan

Tell us a little bit about yourself ?

I’m originally from South Africa where I grew up, studied and had a private practice for four years. I moved to Australia in 2011 and have been practicing as a Chiropractor here since I passed the CCEA board exams that same year. Originally, I lived in Brisbane for six years but moved to Sydney in 2016 where I have really enjoyed the pace and diverse range of people and activities to participate in.

My practicing style is evidence based. As well as doing the usual Chiropractic Adjustments (diversified technique) and gentler adjusting techniques such as activator methods and Sacro-Occipital technique (SOT) I also enjoy taking time with soft tissue treatments. I use soft tissue massage, dry needling, instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation and myofascial release techniques. My treatments are tailored to individual patients and always give home advice and neurological rehabilitation exercises for long term management and improvement of posture and physical function.

What do you most ENJOY about your profession as a Chiropractor ? / Why did you become a Chiropractor ?

I became a Chiropractor because I always wanted to go into a health care profession both to challenge myself and to help people. However, I have always been told that I have healing hands and wanted something where I felt like I was physically interacting with my patients and giving support in a meaningful way. When I was in grade 11 I did work experience with a Chiropractor and everything just seemed to fall into place. Here was a profession where I could feel I was having a meaningful impact on people’s lives and health on a day-to-day basis but could also challenge myself and exercise my desire to study health care and the body.

I enjoy being able to see my patients improve and also feeling part of that process and their lives. Seeing people able to re-engage with their activities of daily living whether that means being able to play with their kids or beat their personal best in the gym. Playing some part in making my patients happier and healthier brings great joy to me.

What are your health and fitness goals at the moment ?  

What are your health and fitness goals at the moment ?  

Health: my health goals are to work on nutrition as well as getting more sleep. I do gymnastics type exercises so maintaining healthy nutritional intake so I can train while trying to keep body fat lower so that I have less to lift into the air on the rings can be a bit tricky. I’m also a fan of craft beer and fried chips so that needs to be factored in somewhere 😉


I’m a great fan of obstacle course racing. My immediate fitness goal is to do The Spartan Beast in November 2021, or 2022 (if postponed). This is a 21km race with 30+ obstacles thrown in there. Longer term I am hoping to get a special Spartan medal called The Trifecta which you can earn by doing the 21km, 10km and 5km races all in one year. I’m also working on doing a handstand. Surprisingly difficult as an adult.

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