Health Articles – A few goodies

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Here is a few good general articles published in day to day media for your general knowledge. Health sciences move so quickly. It is important if you read these articles, that you ensure they are coming out of excellent institutions citing scientific literature.


Exercise and Ageing :

“It seems as if the decline in the cellular health of muscles associated with aging was “corrected” with exercise, especially if it was intense, says Dr. Sreekumaran Nair, a professor of medicine and an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic and the study’s senior author. In fact, older people’s cells responded in some ways more robustly to intense exercise than the cells of the young did — suggesting, he says, that it is never too late to benefit from exercise.”


LYRICA : A common pharmaceutical for nerve pain – An FYI : 

“The researchers at the George Institute for Global Health in Australia followed 209 sciatica patients in Sydney who were randomly assigned to receive either the drug pregabalin, more commonly known as Lyrica, or a placebo. The results showed no significant differences in leg pain intensity between the group on the placebo and that on Lyrica after eight weeks taking the drug or during the rest of the year on follow-up exams. Similarly, there were no differences for other outcomes such as back pain, quality of life and degree of disability.”


Is Back Pain Killing Us Prematurely ?

“New research from the Faculty of Health Sciences finds that older people with back pain have a 13 per cent higher chance of dying prematurely.”

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