Myth Busters: Chiropractic Edition

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Our aim is to assist patients in distinguishing between the truth and the misconceptions frequently associated with chiropractic care. Regrettably, when a falsehood gains widespread acceptance, it can be perceived as factual, despite having little evidence to support it.

In the following section, we offer an overview of some of the prevalent myths our esteemed Chiropractors have faced throughout their professional experience. We will analyse these myths and present the facts to dispel any misinformation.

Myth 1: Chiropractors are limited to treating only neck and back problems.

In reality, chiropractors are extensively trained to diagnose and treat all aspects of the musculoskeletal system, including conditions related to shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, and other body parts.

Myth 2: Chiropractors only perform joint manipulations, also known as “joint cracking.”

Joint manipulation, while effective for certain conditions, is just one tool among many that a chiropractor may use. At Waterloo Chiropractic, your chiropractor may use soft tissue therapy, exercise prescription, rehabilitation, and dry needling in addition to joint manipulation.

Myth 3: Joint manipulation is a dangerous treatment.

Current research supports the safety and effectiveness of joint manipulation for various conditions. Studies have shown that the risk of seeking chiropractic care for head and neck pain is no greater than seeing any other primary care physician. The “cracking” sound that occurs during a joint manipulation is due to the release of gas from the joint and is not an indication of bone cracking.

Myth 4: Chiropractic care requires ongoing and indefinite treatment.

After a diagnosis is made, a personalised treatment plan is created based on the patient’s condition, preferences, and goals. The recommended course of treatment may vary depending on the patient and their condition. But please note, a NEW PATIENT consultation will require follow up treatment. Whilst the decision to continue treatment is ultimately up to the patient, it is sound clinical case management to have a few follow up treatments. The development of a treatment plan is a shared decision-making process between the chiropractor and patient.

Myth 5: There is no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of chiropractic therapy

Chiropractors are a regulated health profession in Australia, alongside optometry, psychology, dentistry, and others. The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency oversees the regulation of chiropractors through the Chiropractic Board of Australia. Chiropractors are required to register with this board and adhere to its established standards, codes, and guidelines, similar to other medical professionals in Australia.

How Waterloo Chiropractic Can Help

Waterloo Chiropractic is a musculo-skeletal focused healthcare clinic. We are focused on our patient’s healthcare by providing the highest standards of Chiropractic musculo-skeletal care. 

Our chiropractors are highly trained to diagnose and treat any and all parts of the human musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors deal with not only necks and backs, but conditions related to shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, and more.
To enjoy the benefits of chiropractic, book now with a chiropractor at Waterloo Chiropractic.

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