Neck Pain Exercises, Treatments and Prevention

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Hands on treatment is available for your neck stiffness and pain

Exercises and Treatments For Stiff Neck

Most experts will usually recommend stretch exercises as a first-line remedy for neck pain and stiffness. But the two questions we would like to ask you are…. do you have a diagnosis? And do you know which structure is causing your discomfort?

If you would prefer to trial active care and hope for the best, you can start by gently moving your head from side to side. Also, do a shoulder forward and backward roll as often as you can.

Other quick home remedies include an ice pack that can reduce the inflammation and swelling around the area. Some people swear by a heat application to the muscle strain. But what if the above methods do not immediately work? Besides the use of readily available over-the-counter medications, you can also consult your Waterloo Chiropractor for specific treatment on the diagnosis and the cause.

If the pain is too severe or persists over several days, feel free to drop in for a check over. Early intervention speeds up your recovery time!

Preventing Neck Stiffness

The first thing would be to check your sleeping area and positions. Try not to sleep positions on the front or 45 degree angle downwards. This can cause neck stiffness. A soft mattress could be the culprit, too. So, use only a supportive mattress, the firmer the better. Also, pay close attention to your posture, as those slouchy stances can cause muscle strain leading to a stiff neck. Finally, you can also learn how to manage stress, enabling you to eliminate any tensions throughout the body, including the neck area.

Recommendations from the Clinic

Try a remedial massage from one of the team at Waterloo Sports Massage. Book here:

Trial some of these neck mobility exercises:

Stretch your upper trap regularly at your work station:

Take microbreaks from your computer screen to reduce postural load on your neck pain.

Book an appt with your Waterloo Chiropractor here:

If you have recurrent neck pain or moderate to severe neck pain feel free to call the clinic and chat to a chiropractor to see if Chiro is for you! P| 0296900911

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