Poor Posture

In our bodies, there exists specific muscles that have the constant responsibility of
maintaining an upright and erect posture. These muscles, known as extensor muscles, should
work at a low level when we are upright against gravity. They continuously engage to support
our bodies and provide control and endurance characteristics in all movement and postural
situations. When we exhibit poor posture for long enough, these muscles are often
overpowered by the large muscles called prime movers, which can eventually result in a
postural distortion and the start of its negative effects happens here. As a consequence, we
may experience low energy levels and feelings of tiredness or exhaustion and load our spine,
joints and discs in a manner that predisposes ourselves to pain.

On the other hand, when we maintain good posture and proper alignment, these postural
muscles are able to collaborate harmoniously, effectively supporting the entire body. Without
the added strain caused by this imbalance, our bodies can enjoy the benefits of increased
energy and reduced fatigue and have a protective effect against the risk of injury.

Are you experiencing discomfort in your spine? Do you find yourself worried about your
posture, noticing that you tend to slouch frequently? If these issues resonate with you, it may
be beneficial for you to seek assistance in optimising your posture. Here at Waterloo
Chiropractic, we specialise in guiding our patients towards a better understanding of proper
sitting techniques and strengthening the weakened areas that contribute to poor posture.

If you have any concerns regarding your posture, we invite you to schedule an initial
consultation with our chiropractor. During this session, we will assess your condition and
provide appropriate guidance and support.

Poor Posture Symptoms

Improper posture affects the nerve endings within the muscles of your neck, leading to their
activation and potential stimulation of the part of your nervous system responsible for
regulating the heart and lungs. Additionally, poor posture can significantly diminish your lung

When discussing poor posture, it’s common to envision oneself hunched over a computer.
Forward head posture is indeed a prevalent form of improper posture, but there are other
variations as well, such as rounding of the mid-back or excessive curvature in the lower spine.

Another condition known as a military spine occurs when the spine lacks its natural curves
and appears straight from top to bottom.
When the spine loses its natural curvature, it creates stress on the posture. This can manifest
as various discomforts and pains along the spine.
If you suspect that you may have a postural issue but are uncertain, there are specific
indicators to watch out for:

● Tingling sensations in the hands
● Pain in the middle or low back, which may radiate down the legs
● Neck pain that extends to the arms
● Frequent headaches
● Fatigue or a sense of low energy
● Sleep problems or insomnia
● If your pain is related to your spine, it is worthwhile to have it examined by someone
with extensive expertise in posture.

Man with Lower Back Pain from Running

What Makes A Good Posture?

A good posture goes beyond simply having a straight back. It encompasses the natural
positioning of your body while sitting, standing, walking, or engaging in daily activities. The
body develops motor patterns that influence posture, which is why correcting bad posture
requires ongoing attention. Postural correction specialists take into account various factors,
including but not limited to:

● Range of motion in the joints
● Muscle strength
● Muscle endurance
● Nerve health
● Ligament support
● Postural habits

These components are carefully considered by experts in order to address and improve
posture effectively. Maintaining good posture relies on the alignment of your spine. Your
spine naturally possesses three curves: in the neck, mid back, and low back. Optimal posture
aims to preserve these curves without exaggerating them. Specifically, your head should be
positioned directly above your shoulders, while the top of your shoulders should align with
your hips. This alignment plays a crucial role in promoting proper posture.

Trust Waterloo Chiropractic to help your Posture.

Our team of Chiropractors love dealing with posture and renowned in Sydney as being the
best to handle your musculoskeletal complaints stemming from poor posture. At Waterloo
Chiropractic we are dedicated to correcting your posture, resulting in reduced pain, improved
health, enhanced breathing, and increased energy levels. By ensuring that your spine is
properly aligned, we enable your entire body to experience optimal well-being, helping you
reach your full potential.

During your visit, our chiropractors will perform a comprehensive examination, which includes
a postural analysis. Based on their assessment, they will develop a personalised plan of
action tailored to your specific needs, should they determine that chiropractic care can benefit
you and improve your posture.

At Waterloo Chiropractic, you will come across a friendly, down to earth and professional
clinic that prides itself on ensuring you have an excellent clinical experience. Waterloo
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