Pelvic Unlevelling and Loss of Segmental Spinal Movement – a deep dive

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Pressure on spinal structures and pelvic misalignment are two different conditions but can cause issues like spinal stiffness, sacroiliac pain and hip, leg and foot pain.

Low back, SIJ, hip, leg, and foot pain can come from somewhere else… Let’s first look at spine misalignment issues. A spine that has efficient segmental and global movement enables your body to maintain a typically straight body from the head down to your feet. Creating this efficient system can lead to good posture, and can easily prevent long-term pain. But when something jams up or tightens up, the system can slowly fail.

Any form of misalignment, stiffness or pressure on a joint or disc, can effect your general range of motion. Signs that you may have a problem can be as simple as an everyday task producing pain in your joints. Usually it comes with localised tightness or with a referral pattern.

Pelvic misalignment, also known as pelvic tilt or pelvic distortion is a condition that causes pain in your lower body section, such as the lower back, pelvis, hip or lower joints. Although it may go unnoticed, an increase in pain as you walk or even afterwards as your body cools down.

Cause of a Pelvic Misalignment

A weak core is one of the primary reasons for a pelvic tilt or distortion issue. This can be compounded by other causes like twisting movements or prolonged sitting. And let’s not forget repetitive lifting and moving heavy objects can also cause damage overtime.

Here Are Some Of The Symptoms (for loss of segmental movement and pelvic misalignment)

While both the spine and pelvic play a critical role in posture and spinal stabilization, you can experience various issues in your body once they are out of whack. For example, most people may experience neck ache, tension type headache and lower back pain. Other common symptoms for misalignment are knee, hip, and foot pain during and after walking. The character of pain to look out for is stiffness, tightness and sharp pain on movement. Sometimes you may also suffer hand and feet numbness from pressure on discs and nerve roots or peripheral nerves.

An Example Of A Sign To Look Out For:

Ever experienced a shoe that quickly wears out before the other? Yours could be a pelvic misalignment case. You might also experience pain after prolonged standing at the same place – chances are your low back has a segment that is jamming. That dull or even sharp pain in your hip and buttocks could be due to either pelvic tilt or a segment in your spine that has lost efficient motion or both.

Treatment Options

Assuming yours is a mild case, you can take care with a few simple exercises, including stretching. Sometimes a few changes to your daily schedule can help including glute and hip flexor stretching. If you notice your body feels really tight or stiff give your chiropractor a call. We can certainly advise on the best treatment methods for your condition. Usually it is a simple adjustment and some take home exercises.

A Resource You Can Use:

Finally, do not ignore the discomfort and pain that springs out of any misalignment issues, as they can only get worse if left untreated. Eventually, they may limit your hobbies and daily activities.

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