The Deadlift: Friend or Foe? Part 2, by Susan Tyfield

Some symptoms of low back injury following a deadlift are sudden extreme pain in the lower back while performing the lift or immediately after, or pain that gradually comes on as your muscles cool after a training session.

This may be local low back pain aggravated by bending backward and standing up straight which is more suggestive of a joint or muscle injury or low back pain more aggravated by bending forward with accompanying leg pain (sciatica) or pins and needles, this could be due to a disc injury in the low back.

Although it is tempting to consult Dr Google for “quick fixes” or home remedies it is recommended that you consult a professional such as a chiropractor who can assess your injury and suggest an appropriate management program to get you back in action as soon as possible and give you the tools to prevent further injuries.

At Waterloo Chiropractic Clinic all our chiropractors have experience working within the sports chiropractic field and are skilled in both assessing your low back injury as well as assessing your deadlift form to give recommendations on improvements, rehabilitation exercises and appropriate treatment of your condition.

Our Waterloo clinic is open 6 days a week with both early morning and late evening appointment options. Early and appropriate management is the

most important step following any injury and can make all the difference in avoiding long term pain and disability.

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