Updated Covid Safety Plan

A number of changes.

After review of the emerging data, health advice and further clarification from our Professional Association and Health Boards, ALL CHIROPRACTIC patients in the clinic are welcome to attend your appointment.

We will be following the strictest interpretation of the NSW Health guidelines including enforcing QR code check-in, temperature checks, compulsory use face masks inside the premises and limit the patients in the waiting room and treatment rooms.

In keeping with the spirit of safety, if you have any doubts about your exposure, we ask you consider rescheduling or obtaining a negative test before presenting yourself for treatment. Please note, we reserve the right to refuse treatment should any staff member feel necessary.

Our Remedial Massage Clinic

Due to the nature of our Massage Therapists Treatment including:

  • Inability to maintain social distancing
  • Length of time spent in a closed space

We have elected to enforce the strictest interpretation of the NSW Health Advice and deem the service, non essential. As a result only fully vaccinated patients will be accepted for Remedial Massage Treatment.

Your Vaccination Status will be requested

Due to this, all patients coming into the clinic will be asked to provide their vaccination certificate for our confidential records.

We realise that some of these measures will be inconvenient for some individual patients but unfortunately it is incumbent upon us to take the community we work with as a whole into consideration.

These measures have been made carefully, consulting with patients, practitioners, staff members and the various association and boards.

Our Aim

Our aim is simple. To avoid being deemed a close contact or one of us becoming infected whilst remaining open to assist our patients with their needs.

We cannot guarantee that transmission wont occur in the clinic to an unvaccinated patient and our preference is to not be a part of the chain of transmission that can lead to hospitalisation and severe illness or death in this instance.

This will remain our current policy but we welcome feedback from patients and suggestions they may have going forward about a more appropriate management strategy, taking into account the situation we are navigating, which will protect all our patients, staff and our local community.

All of us at Waterloo Chiropractic and Sports Massage Clinic appreciate your understanding during this unusual time as we try our best to meet everyone’s needs.

Waterloo Chiropractic and Sports Massage

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